Puntland Commandos Raid Al Shabaab Operations Base in Golis Mountains (Press Release)

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Puntland Commandos Raid Al Shabaab Operations Base in Golis Mountains (Press Release)


Puntland commandos raided an Al Shabaab terrorist group operations base,
penetrating deep in the Golis Mountains Range in a well-planned and
executed operation involving Puntland troops, hours of walking, and a
nighttime raid on Al Shabaab terrorists manning the operations base.

The nighttime raid occurred in the early hours of Friday Dec. 7, 2012, at
mountainous locations known as El Dibir and Dudun, approximately 45km
west of Galgala village, along the mountain range.

Puntland commandos including the Puntland Security Force (PSF)
counterterrorism unit marched deep into the mountains, behind enemy lines,
and stormed the terrorists’ operations base.


Puntland intelligence indicated that this location served as a home for Al Shabaab senior members and is the
location where wounded combatants received medical treatment.

The commandos inflicted heavy casualties including deaths and injuries and
seized materials.


The remaining Al Shabaab terrorists escaped in all
directions into the nearby valleys and caves, an ideal hideout for terrorist
groups in a mountainous terrain.

The Puntland commandos’ raid on Al Shabaab operations base deep in the
Golis Mountains comes after Al Shabaab terrorists attacked Puntland
government forces near Galgala area on Dec. 5, 2012.












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