Puntland forces seize truck full of goods headed to terrorists (Press Release)

Faarax December 16, 2012 0
Puntland forces seize truck full of goods headed to terrorists (Press Release)



Puntland forces seized a truck full of supplies allegedly headed to terrorist cells in the Golis Mountains Thursday night, Garowe Online reports.

The owner of the vehicle and his truck full of medicine, food and boots that was headed to the Golis Mountain Ranges was apprehended by Puntland forces.

The Puntland authorites said that the owner of the vehicle was under investigation and was apprehended at the Bossaso checkpoint on Thursday.

According to a Puntland press release, the vehicle was carrying 5 cartons of medicine including intravenous (IV) needles, anti-hemorrhaging drugs and at least 100 kgs of raw foods and cooking oils.

The driver and others were arrested as authorities believe that the supplies were headed to Al Shabaab agents located in the Golis Mountains. Puntland authorities are interrogating the suspects and stated that they will be brought to justice.

Puntland has focused on eradicating Al Shabaab fighters who have infiltrated the Golis Mountains that stretch out through Bari and Sanaag regions.


Press Release

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