Somalia Humanitarian Appeal launched for the first time in Mogadishu

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Somalia Humanitarian Appeal launched for the first time in Mogadishu

Strategy covers three years with US$1.3 billion required in 2013 

(Mogadishu, 4 December 2012) – A three-year Humanitarian Appeal for Somalia was launched today in
Mogadishu. For the first time, the launch took place in Somalia. The appeal was presented by the acting
Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, Mr. Stefano Porretti, to the Minister of Interior and National Security of
the Federal Republic of Somalia, Hon. Abdikarim Hussein Guled, who is responsible for humanitarian affairs.
The 2013-2015 humanitarian strategy targets immediate humanitarian needs of the Somali people and aims to
enhance resilience and ultimately address the protracted nature of the humanitarian crisis in Somalia. The appeal
for 2013 is $1.3 billion for 369 humanitarian projects targeting 3.8 million Somalis in need. The strategy will be
implemented by 177 national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and UN agencies
operating in Somalia.
“This is a humanitarian event, not a political one. It is the first humanitarian gathering in Mogadishu for over 20
years. Somalia and its people are happy that the humanitarian community is presenting the strategy to us on our
home soil,” said Guled.
“The current humanitarian crisis can only be resolved through a concerted effort among local and international
partners. We thank the international community for being generous to us during these difficult times and for
supporting the humanitarian cause in our country. I call on all Somalis to support the humanitarian community in
assisting our vulnerable people,” he added.
With 3.8 million people in need of assistance, the humanitarian crisis in Somalia is one of the largest in the
world. More than 1.1 million people are internally displaced and over 1 million Somalis live outside the country
as refugees.
“While the humanitarian situation in Somalia remains critical, the improvement in the food security situation and
the new security and political landscape present opportunities to break the cycle of recurring crises brought on by
drought and conflict,” said Stefano Porretti. “By strengthening Somalis’ ability to cope with droughts and floods
we can prevent future shocks from developing into a humanitarian catastrophe.”
“The road to resilience will be long and difficult. There is an absolute imperative to continue supporting the
humanitarian work in Somalia. The new three-year humanitarian appeal allows for greater continuity in
programming and aims at responding to the existing emergency needs of the population in crisis in a sustainable
manner,” said Porretti.
Fifty-seven per cent of the Somalia Humanitarian Appeal for 2012 has been funded, with over $668 million


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