3 Terrorists Killed as Puntland Forces Repel Al Shabaab Attack Near Mountains (Press Release)

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3 Terrorists Killed as Puntland Forces Repel Al Shabaab Attack Near Mountains (Press Release)


Puntland government forces repelled an attack by Al Shabaab terrorist group
overnight Thursday Jan. 3, 2013, where government forces killed 3 Al
Shabaab/Al Qaeda terrorists and wounded 5 other attackers.

The attack occurred around 10:30pm at a location approximately 40km
southwest of Bossaso, where Puntland government forces manning a remote
outpost near the Galgala Mountains successfully repelled the attack and chased
the fleeing attackers into the mountains.

One Puntland government soldier was killed during the attack.
In a separate incident, Al Shabaab member was arrested during the daytime of
Jan. 3, 2013, by Puntland troops as he was caught planting a roadside bomb.

Intelligence information indicates that Al Shabaab terrorist group’s repeated
aggressions against Puntland government forces is fuelled in part by piracy
ransoms, as pirate kingpins are linked to Al Shabaab terrorist group that has
suffered military defeat and shortage of funds.

Puntland Government strongly condemns piracy ransoms and urges the
international community to condemn and put an immediate end to ransom
payments, which fuels the two criminal organizations of piracy and terrorism
activities in Somalia.

Al Shabaab terrorism activities and aggression against the people and
Government of Puntland is aided by politically motivated elements within Somalia.

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