Lower Jubba Journalists And Media Owners are concerning actions limiting journalists’ and media operation freedom

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Lower Jubba Journalists And Media Owners are concerning actions limiting journalists’ and media operation freedom


there are about 4 incidents that have been embroiled in the ongoing dispute over freedom of press in these regions since African Union, Somali forces took control of Kismayo, a key port city in the south.

JIJA is concerned actions limiting journalists’ and media operation freedom and would urge authorities to draw line under the reported censorship in Media.

During this period, no interrogations, harassment or suspension of journalists’ activities has been reported in these regions.   

The local transitional administration in the city has met in Kismayo several times, to discuss to quell growing media reports on administration rivalries in the region.

Press Freedom Report in Kismayo, Lower Jubba regions, Somalia in 2013


Radio Bar-kulan: http://www.bar-kulan.com/

During the first week of late December 2012: The independent Radio station Bar-kulan was put off air.

Sources said that authorities ordered the station to go off air because it did not get accreditation to formally access to air-waves from the administration, news website Puntlandtalk.net reported http://puntlandtalk.net/?p=11403.

The station frequency was on air at the frequency 92 MHz. JIJA could not verify these reports with Bar-kulan administration.

Radio Star FM denied access letter

During December 2012: The administration also denied Star FM radio station access to air-waves. According to an administration insider the Nairobi based station’s dismissal to access air waves was justified that the administration was not still prepared to admit radio stations until the city’s administration is well formed.

Private Radio station meets regular delays

All the way from 10th January 2013: Proposed plan to open the privately owned Radio Waamo has met subsequent delays by the administration. The Radio management who did not want to be named at this stage have shown optimism to JIJA that they will be granted access letter sooner, but they did not give certain deadline for that.

Journalists Informed not to send unapproved news

On Monday 21 January 2012: Abdinasir Seerar Maah who is the spokesman and head of public affairs for the transitional administration in Kismayo told journalists who were attending at a ceremony to present their work to the administration to get approval from administration before they dispatch.

A local journalists told JIJA “Mr Seerar informed us that if a journalist sends out any material that he/she did not inform to the administration, he will be responsible for it”.

Abdinasir Seerar said this speech while attending at women’s forum to encourage peace, cohesion and transparent formulation of Jubbaland administration at the Tawakal Hotel in the Fanole district in Kismayo. http://shabelle.net/raas-kaambooni-oo-awaamiir-adag-dul-dhigtay-saxafiyiinta-kismaayo/.

Journalists in Kismayo said the official was referring to a news story aired by London based television that criticized KDF forces of harassing local fishermen on the coastline near Kismayo.

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