Puntland President Receives U.S. Special Representative to Somalia in Bossaso (Press Release)

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Puntland President Receives U.S. Special Representative to Somalia in Bossaso (Press Release)


The President of Puntland State of Somalia H.E. Abdirahman Mohamed
Mohamud (Farole) has received U.S. Special Representative to Somalia H.E.
Ambassador James C. Swan, on Thursday at the State House in Bossaso.
Puntland Cabinet ministers welcomed Amb. Swan’s delegation at Bossaso
International Airport and the visiting U.S. delegation met with the President at the
State House for discussions on a range of topics.
Puntland Finance Minister Farah Ali Jama, Ports Minister Said Mohamed Rage,
and Security Minister Khalif Issa Mudan joined President Farole during the
discussion with the visiting U.S. officials.
The range of discussions covered included, issues related to security and
stabilization efforts, humanitarian aid programs, the constitutional adoption in
Puntland and the ongoing democratization process, and national developments
since the emergence of the Somali Federal Government in August 2012.
Amb. Swan commended Puntland Government for strengthening stability and for
playing a key role during the end of transition process in Somalia, including
contributing to the process for the Somali Federal Constitution.
The U.S. Special Representative to Somalia also extended his congratulations to
Puntland for rescuing 22 hostages from six countries aboard the MV Iceberg 1
vessel, which pirates held hostage for nearly three years. A 14-day Puntland
counter-piracy operation laid siege to the MV Iceberg 1 and all the hostages were
safely rescued on Dec. 23, 2012.
President Farole expressed appreciation for Ambassador Swan’s visit to
Puntland. The President recognized and was encouraged by the instrumental
role the U.S. Government continues to play in Somalia, particularly humanitarian
aid programs and support for political and stabilization efforts.

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