AMISOM Dismantles Terrorist Ambush Point

Faarax February 7, 2013 0
AMISOM Dismantles Terrorist Ambush Point


Dobley, 7 February 2013– Somali National Army with the support African Union troops today
dismantled an ambush position set up by the Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab terror group in the
Gedo region of Somalia.

The joint forces conducted a surprise attack at the site in Mudale during which, the Al Shabaab
militants suffered many causalities.

Four AK 47 rifles, one double cabin vehicle and assorted
communication equipment were recovered.

AMISOM Sector 2 Commander, Brigadier Anthony Ngere said that the operation had removed a
threat to civilian movement between the towns of Mudale and Busaar.

“AMISOM is committed
to protecting the security gains to ensure Somalia continues on the road to a sustainable peace,” he said.

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