Deputy Prime of Turkey in the country

Bosaso Office February 23, 2013 0
Deputy Prime of Turkey in the country



Deputy Prime minister and ministers from turkey government are in the country arrived today in the morning and they were highly welcomed by officials from the government and minister of foreign affairs.
Bekir Bozdag, assistant prime minister of turkey and members of cabinet met with minister of Foreign Affairs Fowzia Yusuf Haji and minister of Finance Mohamud Hassan Suleiban.

The turkey government and Somalia government met and discussed the relationship that they both country share in common and how they will make it more strong that even before.
The foreign affair minister said that the turkey government is ready to work and promote Somalia government from where they are today and that more great than that is we are very proud and thankful to turkey government for what they are doing in our country. The

assistant prime minister said that the reason of his visit is that the government of turkey wants to extend its current program that they are doing in the country and also like to start other programs. Also he said that I’m here with minister of development of turkey and i

would like him to meet with minister of finance and discuss more about the planning and finance project of the government and we as a government of turkey we would like to see a developing Somalia with this current aid that is going on.

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