Prime Minister urges due process in detention of journalists

Faarax February 12, 2013 0
Prime Minister urges due process in detention of journalists


His Excellency PrimeMinister Abdi Farah Shirdon today called for due process to be observed both in a forthcoming appeal case and in the detention of a radio journalist in Mogadishu.

“We have an independent judiciary in Somalia and although the government cannot and must not be involved in the administration of justice, I am urging due process to be followed at all times.”

The Prime Minister said that the Independent Task Force on Human Rights, which was launched on 5 February and will be looking at human rights abuses committed during the past 12 months, was a big step forward and a clear reflection of the government’s priorities.

“I reiterate my government’s commitment to a free press and freedom of speech. Journalists should feel that they are not alone. It is essential that they are able to work freely and effectively without facing additional difficulties.”


Prime Minister’s Media Office

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