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Two members of alshabab were issued with death warrant in an army court which is in Garowe city.
the men were given death warrant by the army court where they were named as Mohamed Nuuh Adan (Abu hafsa) and Abdirizack Hussein Tahlil (Ilka ass)

They were arrested three months ago at Galkaiyo and brought to custody.
Before the court were brought the weapons that were caught in there arm at the time of arrest and where most of the weapons were explosive of suicide bombs material.

The chief of the court,judge of the military court said that after it was found that the two men were guilty the decision was passed where by the decisions which they have taken was laid from the government and it was things that the government of Putland put in place as a law.

Also the court has freed a man whose name is Fiidow Ali Kable who is a donkey cart drive who normal finds his daily bread from the wages,the man donkey cart was found with an explosive material and then arrested but later the court founded him guilty and released him.

The court of the military also said the two men who were given death warrant can appeal further in a duration of thirty days more coming (30 days)
It is said that the court of bossaso also has announced a death warrant of ten people between men and women in a recently period.

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