Untold story: the barbaric acts of violence by the UAE intelligence agents against local Somali citizens

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Untold story: the barbaric acts of violence by the UAE intelligence agents against local Somali citizens

 It’s the second week that three Somali citizens are in custody of foreign mercenaries operating in Puntland/Somalia, under Code name of SARACEN- just re-branding into PMPF (Puntland Maritime Police Forces).

The victims are two Medical Doctors and professional staff all of whom holding different positions at the health department of PMPF (a.k.a SARECEN) headquartered in Bosaso, Puntland State of Somalia. It was on 20th of January 2017, when the principal officers of the UAE for the SARACEN project suspended these Somali health practitioners from the SARACEN/PMPF work for illegal and undisclosed accusations and misconducts. Since then, they have suffered imprisonments, torture, intimidations, blackmailing and death threats in a land they belonged to.

All that barbaric acts were solely and single-handedly planned, orchestrated and committed by a few foreign mercenaries and international spies imported from South Africa and the UAE, allegedly in an undercover mission to fighting Somali piracy from land through military and financial support to local security apparatus, thus entering into an agreement with Puntland government, amid international arms embargo Somalia.

While all that unpleasant and barbarous acts keep unfolding on our watch, designated government official for PMPF found themselves abused, humiliated, abandoned and so remained helpless. Credible reports consider the current PMPF project coordinator for Puntland, not only powerless but also defenseless, hence, he was neither consulted in the initial conspiracy architect nor did he alert about decisions for the immediate imprisonment of these local health workers. Nonetheless, our source acknowledges that the Puntland’s PMPF Director, having attended some of the in-door and restricted hearings, have become disappointed, but also gravely concerned about the cogency of the subject, disregarding the case as unauthentic claims based on anecdotal and circumstantial evidences. The PMPF director, however retreated his promises to the victim families that with his utmost efforts will sort out the matter in the soonest possible. What followed since then onwards was shocking, disgraceful and almost unbelievable;

  1. With no timely replacements for the posts of the suspended health personnel, resulted the death of one patient reportedly from the PMPF army who sustained for long-suffering illness that puts him for serious medical care.
  2. With all the unbearable conditions of excessive torture, intimidation and unconventional interrogation measures used during in custody, one of two trapped victims managed to escape from captivity, risking him to jumping-over a three (3) meter long fence-wall- fully guarded and continuously under surveillances in 24/7. Though he was lucky enough that he made it, he is still on the run at the hideouts in and around Bosaso neighborhood, whereby some of his valuable possessing left behind (car, passport, cellphone and laptop) has been later on confiscated back in the camp of the rival foreign opponents.
  3. On February 1st, the third man in custody Abdiasis Kabayare was released from captivity, lifting up the ban on his freedom to movement between the camp and the town, with no further explanation made over the faith of his allegation/case.

Ironically, however, on the following day, Mr. Kabayare staying that night at a hotel in Bosaso, has received a call from SARACEN camp, asking him to come back to camp to complete some pending work assignments; conceivably before his official departure entirely from the SARACEN/PMPF business. Upon his immediate arrival at work, two intelligence officers from UAE approached him with vigorously and abusive gesture, instructing him to sign a paper with a simple note which reads- “I, Abdiassis M. Kabayare, admit thatmy colleagues and I have committed all allegations and misconducts that we have been accused of by the UAE officers.hence, I herein plead to the UAE government for forgiveness and mercy”. After his refusal to plead guilty for a crime hasn’t commit with no evidence and no findings at the preliminary hearings where PL PMPF Director was present,  ,

two foreign spies started beating him tortured inhumanely for four consecutive hours until he completes lost consciousness and continued until he has started bleeding from nose and ears.  This innocent victim where then thrown on the ground handcuffed with bruises all over and at one point has been used as a coffee table where these ruthless mercenaries placed hot cups of coffee and burnt out cigarette butts on his bare back while tied and on the floor on his chest.

Reports indicate that this tragic incident terrified Puntland presidency, yet on the other hand, efforts to rescue the victim are by-far remain unsuccessful, leaving a bleeding patient behind the bars with no medical treatments since then. We will be regular monitoring as things move forwards- with especial coverage of the critical health situation of the victim as well as the legal assurance and prospective consequences against the foreign perpetrators.

One could swallow if this was like the case of the Indian Natives in North America where the Europeans invaded and took over the whole land from the natives and then hunted and subjected to be either murdered or assimilated. On the contrary, this is a sovereign nation that has a fully-fledged government.  Where is the sovereignty of PL and Somalia as a whole for this to happen its citizens in their own country by few mercenaries from UAE?

It this hasn’t be dealt by the government of PL and Somalia, then we will proceed filing our case in the ICC


Maxaad kala socotaa tacidiyadda SARACEN iyo Muwaadin maxbuus u ah ?





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