Municapal Finance Consultant- Of Puntland MOF

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Wasaaradda Maaliyadda Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance
Garowe, 20- May, 2017
The second phase of the UN Joint Program on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery is running now until December 2017. It is a joint program where five UN agencies along with the government of Puntland partnered in order to improve local governance in general. JPLG has been a success story and strengthened local governance, delivery of equitable services to citizens and restoring confidence and credibility for the local governments. The programme outcomes are structured around three mutually reinforcing strategies:

(a) Supporting policy and legislative reforms for functional, fiscal and administrative decentralization that clarify and enhance the role of local government, its relationship to central government, and as a means to improve local service delivery;

(b) Improving local government capacity for equitable service delivery; and

(c) Improving and expanding the delivery of sustainable services to citizens in an equitable, responsive and socially accountable manner and promoting local economic environment

Puntland Ministry of finance is the major governmental institution leading the local governance initiatives in general. It coordinates the different activities of the agencies within JPLG and beyond. The ministry has also a constitutional mandate in overseeing the functions and performance of the local governments. It is mandated to create an appropriate atmosphere within which local governments can flourish.
Puntland Ministry of finance, in collaboration with UN JPLG, specifically withy UN-Habitat has developed a local government finance policy and procedural manuals. One of the developed manuals is the local government internal audit charter that clarifies functions of the unit, its roles and responsibilities, communication lines and governance structures.

As a result, Ministry of finance intends to recruit a local consultant to assist in streamlining the functions of local government internal audit units as well as the implementation of internal audit charter. The consultant will be placed at MoF, Garowe and will report to the director general of the Ministry of finance.

Duties and Responsibilities

? Liaison with target districts, government line ministries, audit general and other stakeholder on streamlining internal audit functions;
? Assist Director General of Ministry of finance on overall implementation of the AOC with UN-Habitat and particularly the strengthening of local government internal audit unit in Garowe and Bosaso.
? To provide training on internal audit manuals for 8 JPLG districts in Puntland(Garowe, Bosaso,Gardo , Eyl, Bayla, Jariiban, and Galkaio) with supervision of MOF and UN-Habitat
? Ensure implementation of internal audit charter in terms of putting in place the necessary human capital, terms of reference, communication lines and auditing procedures;
? Conduct audit training activities to the target districts and ensure preparation of audit reports on quarterly bases;
? Mentor and ensure internal audit units submit quarterly reports to the district councils through executive secretaries;
? Support and supervise translation of internal audit charter and ensure quality translation;
? Coordinate with the office of the auditor general and ensure synergy with the procedures already laid down by the office of the auditor general;
? Provide support on final adoption of the local government finance policy;
? Undertake field visits when necessary and provide on the job training to internal audit units in Bosaso;
? Compile and prepare progress reports, both financial and narrative to be submitted to key stakeholders and donor agencies in compliance with the terms of the project/program agreement.
? Carry out any other tasks assigned to him or her by the Director General of the Ministry of finance.

Required skills:
Professionalism: Knowledge and understanding of theories, concepts and approaches relevant to Somali Public financial management structure. Strong analysis of internal control systems, underlying social, legal and financial mechanisms and the political context.. Ability to observe deadlines and achieve set goals. Ability to work and deliver under pressure.
Communication: Excellent written and oral presentation skills in English. Excellent capacity to produce monthly and progress report. Good presentation skills. Ability to communicate complex interventions in a clear language and convincing narratives. Sketching capabilities to effectively communicate in workshop/training settings and teams.

Teamwork: Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues to achieve agreed goals.
Planning and Organizing: Ability to prioritize activities and assignments and to easily switch between different projects.

Creativity: Strong conceptual thinking. Is not bound by current thinking or traditional approaches, takes calculated risks on new and unusual ideas; thinks “outside the box”, and offers new and different options to solve problems or meet client needs. Can easily develop clear plans in contexts with limited information and data.

Management: Ability to manage smaller project teams, divide workload and sustain efficiency.

Qualifications: Aspiring candidates should have a university degree from recognized higher education institutions in the field of Business Administration, stream accounting, Auditing, Public administration and conversant with public policy formulation, Master’s Degree will be added advantage, applicants should be a fluent in Somali and English languages both verbal and written. Those with previous experience working with the auditing institutions, state/national government and local authorities are encouraged to apply.

Other Terms and Conditions of Service.
The terms and conditions of service will be negotiated with the successful candidate. Remuneration will be competitive and determined by market forces. Other conditions of service include signing 9 months contract that is un-renewable due to short length of the project.


Payments will be based on deliverables over the consultancy period. There are set remuneration rates for consultancies. The rate is determined by functions performed and experience of the consultant. The fees will be paid as per agreement.

How to Apply
Qualified candidates should submit their applications, accompanied with copies of their Curriculum Vitae (CVs), to the below indicated address not later than on 30-May- 2017 at 4:00pm, Only shortlisted candidates will be communicated

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